Embrace or Perish - Digital Is Here To Stay

Helping Organizations Thrive In The Digital World

Advancements in digital technology – AI, Big Data, Chatbots, Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Social Media (to name just a few) – have completely changed the way businesses operate, transformed the way they communicate and forever altered the relationships that exist between organizations, suppliers and customers. In effect, digital has not only transformed business – but it has transformed society itself.

Consider how digital disruption now impacts and shapes both business and society:

  • The rising popularity of buying and selling goods online is making the ‘physical shop or retail storefront’ more and more redundant as each year goes by. Online retail sales worldwide in 2020 was estimated to be over US$3.5 trillion, despite and due to Covid Pandemic. Online retails sales is projected to grow to over US$6.0 trillion by 2023.
  • Learning and development opportunities now abound for anyone, at any time, in any place – all accessed online and often at no cost. Time and space constraints have been eliminated and education is no longer only for those who can afford it or those who meet academic criteria (Khan Academy, Coursera, edX, Byju’s).
  • The way we ‘work’ is changed in 2020, during the Covid Pandemic. Over 70% of the white-collar workforce opted to ‘Work-from-Home’ (WFH), with implications for commercial property business world over.
  • ‘Gig’ Economy exploded during the Covid Pandemic. The size of Gig economy in 2020 is estimated at US$ 450 billion, with workforce of over 41 million. Finding and hiring highly skilled workers to complete specific tasks and projects through platforms like Upwork.com and Freelancer.com grew exponentially.
  • The rising popularity of ‘apps’ that offer real solutions in virtually any field to individuals and businesses.
  • Barriers to entry in many markets have been reduced if not completely removed.

Digitally enabled businesses and digital service providers are far more nimble, can change or alter their offering quickly, often offer greater convenience and variety, can serve wider markets and also have significantly lower cost structures than traditional businesses. Is your business capable of responding quickly to new threats and changes in the business environment?

  • Have you considered alternative business models and opportunities available through digitisation?
  • Does your business embrace and apply ‘Digital’ thinking’?
  • Are you aware of any imminent threats in your industry?
  • Can you turn those threats into opportunities for your organization?

What we do ?

Rapidly changing business environment is driving the need for client and service providers to work together to address business issues, ideate, draw up a digital roadmap and manage digital solutions implementation.

Azure Digital will work closely in a ‘collaborative framework’ to identify and focus on the valuable digital opportunities available to your business.

Azure Digital will re-shape your business model, re-design your process and prepare your business for the task of competing in the global digital environment. Partner with us and you’ll discover what’s truly possible for your business – and how you can take your business to another level.

Allow your business to realise its potential

Now that you have a better understanding of how digital disruption may change your business operations, communication and offerings – the next step is deciding how to respond.

Our passion is to help businesses worldwide consider these questions. We understand the threats and the opportunities that digital is posing and we know that businesses must continue to be open to the possibilities of what digital solutions are creating in the world.

You may ponder – How does ‘Digital Transformation’ of your business even begin? Where do you start? How do you know if what you’re doing is right for your business? It can be a daunting prospect.

By working with Azure Digital we will bring together imagination, ideas, creativity, business acumen and technology capabilities to enable and transform your business to be truly digital-ready!

So start taking advantage of the amazing opportunities digital business solutions provides to your business by working in partnership with Azure Digital.

Why work with Azure Digital?

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If you recognize the advantages of creating and implementing a digital strategy, if you want to compete in the modern digital environment, and if you would like to explore your own organization’s digital possibilities and potential for digital transformation then please drop us a line – we’d love to discuss the opportunities now available to your business. It’s time to begin a journey of change into the world of digital possibilities!