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Digital Readiness Assessment Workshop (DRAW) is an intensive interactive workshop for Key Stakeholders of your business with Azure Digital to identify, explore and chart out digital transformation strategy and prepare a digital transformation road map.

During this workshop you will also learn about the threats that the digital environment may pose to your business specifically, and the opportunities and possibilities that exist by applying digital solutions to your existing business.

We also provide our clients with the opportunity to consider the overall strategy and actions needed within their organization to help them develop a competitive advantage inside the context of the ever-changing digital business environment.

What is DRAW?

  • Digital Readiness Assessment Workshop is ‘Quick’ assessment of Enterprise’s readiness to operate as a ‘Digital Enterprise’ and identity the gaps in digital capabilities.
  • The ‘Gaps’ are then categorized as ‘Strategic Gaps or ‘Tactical’ Gaps.
  • Solution to tackle the Gaps are then outlined and a roadmap to digital readiness is developed.

Scope of DRAW?

  • Digital Readiness Assessment Workshop is a ‘Custom designed workshop, and is unique to every business,. This is conducted over 3-5 days involving Key Execs of client organization.
  • DRAW will identify the digital gaps and pathway to transform to a ‘Digital Enterprise’.

Deliverables of DRAW

  • On-site Interactive Workshop
  • Digital Readiness Assessment Map
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
Why work with Azure Digital?

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If you recognize the advantages of creating and implementing a digital strategy, if you want to compete in the modern digital environment, and if you would like to explore your own organization’s digital possibilities and potential for digital transformation then please drop us a line – we’d love to discuss the opportunities now available to your business. It’s time to begin a journey of change into the world of digital possibilities!